“When I was your age, we drove our own cars!”

When I turned 28 earlier this year, it struck me that I was more than halfway to age 30. In fact, I was more than 90% of the way to age 30. I think that a lot of people reach this point in their lives and think, ‘Oh shit, I haven’t achieved anything, and I’m almost OLD!’

Behold, my road map to relevance!

Okay, okay, I don’t actually think this way, but I love making lists, so I set myself a series of labors to be completed before I hit the big 3-0. A traditional ‘30 before 30’, as it were. I’ve always been pretty jazzed about doing the things on the list, but for some reason or another, I haven’t.

My vague plan at this point is to give regular updates on how all this stuff is going, but I’m not sure how that’ll play out yet. I have some ideas, but September 13, 2021 is a long ways off (666 days off, for anyone keeping track at home). All sorts of stuff might change by then. Oh, and if you are intrigued by anything on the list, let me know. As fun as Cedar Point would be by myself, it’s probably better with at least one friend.

Well, here’s hoping that the threat of old age will be enough to get me up off my ass and doing stuff. If not, I feel like I’ve already accomplished enough.

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