Haha, It's Jeff!

Hi there!

My name is Jeff Green.

Jeff headshot

Iā€™m a game developer, writer, and cartoonist with a passion for inventive, inclusive storytelling.

What I do



I'm learning game development by building one game a week, every week. These small prototypical games can be found on itch.io. I'm also working on a larger project, which is in its infancy right now. I've had to learn all aspects of development, but I'm most passionate about narrative design.



Since I was very small, I've found joy in writing. My writing has served a variety of purposes, from race reports to reviews, from scientific writing to product copy for Amazon listings. If there's a story to tell, I love to tell it. You can find most of my writing either on Wordpress or here.



To me, cartoons and drawings are the most efficient way to communicate information. I like being able to tell a rich story in a single, focused panel. I don't have a singular archive for everything yet, but you can find my cartoons on my Wordpress blog or on my Threadless store.